Game 26

The Westsands city adventurers and their company continued their trek north following Ùller's tracks. After a light snack, they set off on the beaten path. Alphonse finally asked the aging pyromancer's name: Agatha. By lunch time, the group stopped by a little hill to rest. No real vantage point was available form the top, but an entrance revealed that this hill was in fact a ruin was found by Meyamo.

After some quibble with Ixia for the sword, they both go in. It felt eerie and Ixia "felt" some distortion from what felt negative energy in her field of "vision". She instantly declined going any deeper, leaving Meyamo with Alphonse and Valeran for companions, the former using a burning branch as a torch. The ruins were a series of tight corridors, leading deeper in the ground. Going beyond the brown patch of negative energy, the three of them were attacked by shadowy creatures. This were mostly made out of arms (more than 8!) that could extend and stick to surfaces to move the creature around. At the middle of it, some sort of core. Quickly Alphonse discovered that they were very afraid of fire and scared one away. The other was cut and shot down by Meyamo and Alphonse, the former squashing it with his shield.

The dungeon itself was of impressive craftsmanship, as evaluated by Wale. The main way to the right led to a chasm; the left to what seem to be the top half of a spherical room. A ledge wound up to a higher level. Bisecting this ledge, a series of pipes formed a ladder going up and down. Alphonse headed up while Meyamo and Wale waited. Climbing up, the wall started closing in, completing the sphere. Being the daredevil that he is, Alphonse kept going on the monkey bar in what was now pitch black darkness. At the apex of that sphere, there was a gigantic sphere, going down the diameter. Alphonse kept going up.

Throwing his last yellow rock, he found that around the top of the chain was a landing. Exploring that top floor, a door with botanical outgrowing found and a metal panel with two heavy wheels by its side. The wheels couldn't be spun by Alphonse alone. He kept exploring and found what felt like a heavy metal panel with some topography and two pipe-like holes. Two set of stairs brought him back to the top of the ledge going around the spherical room.

Meyamo went to recruit Ixia's help to radiate light from her two-handed sword. After that, he joined Alphonse in his downwards exploration.

This section has been written 6 months after the adventure, made up of blurry memories

The adventurers solved a puzzle involving water pumps. Two of the pumps were activated thanks to Ixia infravision. The water gathered at the bottom of the silo-shaped chamber and triggered the opening of a door. Behind it, a great pentagonal hall with four doors. The first door to the left lead to an oddly familiar altar. It was the same that we discovered under the Clap Mountains. After giving Alphonse back his sword, Rad Man-thus, (He lost it against Malboro), He explained ow satisfied He was with the pact he made with the adventurers. He added that these shrines are usually built to seal evil: here there are 3 or 4 Ancient Ones. Alphonse asked Aro about the Haunted Pyramid that the adventures camped at a few nights before and Aro answered that Omu would tell them what to do with this.

Taking his leave, Alphonse then headed to the next door on the left. In the second altar room, the Altar of Éli. That altar was a large marble column and as Alphonse got closer it, it seems like the altar wouldn't get bigger as Alphonse approached. Perspective was twisted for Wale that stayed by the door and it looked like Alphonse was getting smaller. Éli was short on patience, but still gave the adventurers his benediction, whatever that entailed.

The third room was indeed Omu's Altar chamber. His altar was made of was seem to be a great column made of small metal sticks. The room was filled with cogs and wheels and scales that moved by themselves, all in one complicated machine. Omu understood our question and told us that to prevent the end of the world as we know it, the adventurer MUST enter the Haunted Complex. He also said that he should show us something as it helps the world, in the probabilities he calculated. The metal sticks animated themselves: there were infact robotic arms. They deployed what modern people would recognize as a tube TV and projected an image of an older, taller Alphonse, wielding Rad Man-Thus and his straw hat, entering a grate. He said that this vision should occur for the world to be saved. Lastly, another arm extend and gave a mysterious metalic cube to Alphonse. The adventurers were then told to leave.

The last Altar room was locked. Alphonse, out of curiosity, applied the metal cube to the door. It activated itself: arms extending and drills piercing and it opened the door. Alphonse and Wale a very bad feelinga bout this: had the freed some form of Evil?

Instead of entering this room, the two of them gather the arty and left back outside. There, he retold that story to Gleydys, Salam and Agatha. The three of them agreed: the following day they would have to go back to seal that door.


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