Game 24

Healing and The Woods

Summary of events

Following the Morbol attack, only TODO: Content Not Found: Mellamo_, Content Not Found: Ixia_ and Content Not Found: Gleydis were still standing

All wounded members of the exploration team were brought back to the [[Pilgrim's Altar|Pilgrim's altar]] to heal

After 3 days, Ùllr leaves ahead for [[Greenhill Watch]] to catch the caravan, the party follows his steps two weeks later

The first stop was where Ùllr had an altercation with [[Triceratop | triceratops]]

The second stop was a Zygurat, entrance to the dungeon were the Pyromancers are sealed.

  • According to the old lady, they were crazy/possessed and started killing each other. It is better sealed.
  • To open, one must bring the fire atop the Zygurat.
  • During the day getting there, Iluvmselftday was bit by a Ballon de Football and was left in the forest with feed

The third stop was by a river, where Ùllr  fished and left us a makeshift rod.

Before the fourth stop, Ùllr was skirting the edge of the Dark Wood. After carrion crows circled his head for a while, something snatched him inside the woods.


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Game 24
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